Cord Cutter’s Guide to Media Freedom

Tired of over paying for Cable TV? Done with scrolling through the never ending feed of channels you never watch (but pay for) on the way to trying to find something to watch? Spend most of your time watching Netflix instead? It’s time to cut the cord, and ditch cable. Experience the freedom that comes when you finally cut the cord, and decide to watch tv when and how you want to. In this book you’ll learn why and how to cut the cord. What services should you get? What do you need to buy? You’ll find everything you need in this short guide to cut the cord, ditch cable tv, and experience true media freedom. 


Chapter 1

“Welcome to the Revolution”

Why should you cut the cord? Learn how to make the call to the cable company and learn how this book will guide you along the way.

Chapter 3

“Over the Air Antenna”

Not the bunny ears your grandma had. Learn how using an Over the Air HD antenna, might be the only thing you need when you cut the cord.

Chapter 5

“Live TV Streaming Subscriptions”

Don’t want to miss your favorite shows as they air? No fear there are plenty of Live TV streaming services. You’ll learn which one is right for you.

Chapter 7

“Premium Streaming Subscriptions”

Watching HBO without a cable subscription no longer means a night in a sketchy motel. You’ll learn how to see your favorite Premium channels without cable.

Chapter 9 

“Over the Air Antennas”

The start of the Cord Cutter’s toolkit, you’ll learn about Over the Air Antennas and learn how to find out what channels are available in your area. 

Chapter 11

“Smart TV”

Looking to purchase a new fancy TV? You’ll learn why or why not your new TV will be your gateway to accessing streaming content. 

Chapter 13

“What’s your Media Profile?

What service and what gear should you get? You’ll learn what your Media Profile is, which will give you a clue as to what you should do. 

Chapter 2

“Network Streaming Apps”

Learn how the apps to the networks you already watch, might (or might not) hold the keys to solving how to fill the gaps of content.

Chapter 4

“On Demand Streaming Subscriptions”

Is Netflix all you need once you cut the cord? You’ll learn when On Demand streaming subscriptions make sense and when they don’t.

Chapter 6

“Sports Subscriptions”

Cutting the cord doesn’t mean you have to miss your favorite team. You’ll learn about the various solutions available for each sport.

Chapter 8

“Ala Carte Content”

Don’t care to see it live, but don’t want to miss your favorite show? There are lots of great services that let you purchase access to your favorite show.

Chapter 10

“Over the Air DVR”

Only have an Antenna, but you don’t want to miss your shows? You can buy a DVR to capture Over the Air content. 

Chapter 12

“Making your Dumb TV Smart”

Can’t go out and get a new TV? In this chapter you’ll learn how to make your dumb TV smart. You’ll learn what boxes give you access to content without needing to buy a brand new TV.